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Analytical Testing RCRA
RCRA Metals Are:

* Arsenic
* Barium
* Cadmium
* Chromium
* Lead
* Mercury
* Selenium
* Silver

Priority Pollutants Metals:

* RCRA Metals Plus
* Beryllium
* Copper
* Nickel
* Antimony
* Thallium
* Zinc

Other Priority Pollutants:

* Iron
* Aluminum
* Manganese
* Cobalt
* Vanadium
* Molybdenum

EPA Allowable Waste Limits
Heavy Metal:

*Arsenic 5.0 ppm
*Barium 100.0 ppm
*Cadmium 1.0 ppm
*Chromium 5.0 ppm
*Lead 5.0 ppm
*Mercury 0.2 ppm
*Selenium 1.0 ppm
*Silver 5.0 ppm
Metals (ICP) by method 6010B
Mercury by method 7473

Our expert team of laboratory technicians can get results fast for your Wet Chemistry samples.  We Analyze soil and water samples for RCRA, Priority Pollutants, and PH. Analytical Testing  RCRA, Priority Pollutants metals, and other metals. Others include Zinc, Iron, Aluminum, Magnesium, Cobalt, Vanadium, and Molybdenum.