L&R has the experience and capabilities necessary to evaluate, classify, and proactively manage hazardous material concerns. L&R’s qualified team is experienced in handling a variety of facility related environmental concerns commonly encountered in industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential building environments. Our team is experienced in inspections, preparing bid specifications, removal scopes of work, and remediation work plans. We provide oversight and monitoring throughout the duration of the project.


Hazardous Materials Management programs for renovation and demolition projects, including surveys in residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal buildings.

Complete Project Management- includes the preparation of bidding specifications, management of the bidding process, oversight of removal activities, third-party and worker exposure air monitoring, documentation of compliance with project specifications, and local, state and federal regulations.  Development of management processes based on L&R’s industry experience and best management practices.

Management of facility decommissioning projects involving the removal of asbestos containing materials, industrial wastes, and regulated building wastes.  Project planning and coordination of hazardous materials tasks across interdisciplinary project teams. Monitoring for compliance with current state and federal hazardous materials regulations.

We provide management of facility decommissioning services for industrial buildings that require the removal of asbestos-containing materials, industrial wastes, and regulated building wastes. Our oversight services include compliance with various state and local government entities. L&R creates value for its client by thoroughly understanding project objectives, current and proposed building uses, and associated regulatory requirements or best management practices (BMPs).

L&R has a qualified team of remediation specialists that can provide demolition consulting and oversight for residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, and municipal buildings.

L&R’s personnel are well versed at preparing systemic and tailored approaches for assessing and proactively managing hazardous material concerns during demolition projects. Our oversight services include compliance with various state and local government entities.


•  Project Management

•  Oversight 

•  Documentation 

•  Preparation of Bidding Specifications

•  Soil vapor extractions systems (dry cleaners/petroleum sites)

•  Asbestos Surveys

•  Lead Survey and Removal Oversight

•  Hazardous Waste Surveys

•  Third-Party and Worker Exposure Air Monitoring