Process Analysis:

 Process analysis is a method of studying and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. It involves examining a process to identify areas where improvements can be made and then implementing changes to achieve better outcomes.

The process analysis can be broken down into several steps:

1. Define the process: Identify the process you want to analyze and document the steps involved in completing the process.

2. Gather data: Collect data on the process, such as process time, the number of steps involved, and the people or departments involved in the process.

3. Identify problems: Analyze the data to identify areas of the process that are inefficient, redundant, or that cause delays or errors.

4. Develop solutions: Brainstorm potential solutions to the identified problems, taking into consideration the impact of changes on the process and the organization.

5. Implement changes: Implement the solutions, monitor their effectiveness, and make adjustments as needed.

6. Monitor progress: Track the process after changes are made to ensure that the improvements have been effective and to identify any additional issues that may arise.

Overall, the goal of process analysis is to streamline processes, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and improve overall business performance. 

The L&R Group can come in and do process analysis of your current operation and can identify ways to save your company money and then we only take a percentage of what we save. So you actually spend nothing and only split the savings from the money we can save you.